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About us

About The Linen People

Our philosophy is to provide an efficient and cost effective Linen Rental Service to all segments of Hotels & Serviced Apartments. With correct & deep market understanding our complete business model will benefit the Hospitality Industry. Started by Laundry industry veterans with over 20 years of experience in Fabricare, Linen Handling & Dealing with reputable laundry equipments and services.

Who we are

  • What we do?

  • We provide high-quality linens for your business.
  • Comprehensive management of linen from renting to hygienic laundry.
  • Doorstep pickup and delivery.

  • Why to rent linen?

  • Save Capital on purchase of inventory year-on-year.
  • Earn Interest on saved capital.
  • Free up valuable storage space.
  • Only pay for what you use.
  • Save Manpower on Linen Management.

  • How to benefit?

  • Focus all your management and staff on your core business.
  • Hire linen and outsource your laundry management.
  • Order as need arises.Keep track of your expenses on Linen.

  • What is included?

  • We provide sufficient stock at the beginning.
  • All our linen come with RFID tags for automatic counting and technology-driven inventory management.
  • Linen processing will be done at our world-class laundry facility.
  • Timely deliveries and Quick replenishment of inventory.

How it Works?

How Linen Rental Works