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Benefits of Linen Rentals

Linen Management by Hotels

Current Situation

Linen Management from procuring to handling to laundering is a task which Hospitality Industry follows which is a cumbersome process.


Hospitality Industry needs to invest a lot of capital in the purchase of Linen.


Apart from linen sourcing, as a business unit you have to hire and train manpower for laundry management and a dedicated space for Laundry equipment and Storage for the same.


Some who do not have in-house laundry facility have to outsource their laundry to a third party which often do not handle professionally. Hence it leads to discard of linen at regular intervals.


At the end of the day Linen is one of the easiest items to get damaged or worn out after a certain time period. Replenishing these again starts the cycle of sourcing and maintenance which is an ongoing year-on-year process.


At some point in time, House keeping department of Hotels focus gets diverted to issues pertaining to laundry and linen management.


The best plausible solution for any business is to go for asset light model. But then again a question arises How?


Simple Answer: Rent Linen on Demand for your Business.

We’ve never Rented Linen before for our business. Where do I begin?


Are there any companies who offer linen on rentals ? These are the questions that comes to our mind.


Isn't it?


When renting linen for your business, start by determining what kind of linen your business requires, it can be from various categories like Bed Linen, Bath Linen, Staff Uniform / Workwear or F&B Linen. Some businesses may have their own custom requirements as well.


Once you identify your linen requirements, the next step would be to look at the price range to determine whether one is going to provide the proper quantity and quality of linen for your business on a regular basis.


It is strongly recommended that you rent your linen from someone who offers a great customer service, hygiene standards of linen before it is delivered.


If you are wondering how long the Linen Rental will last ?
It depends on the business requirement, a Linen Rental plan can vary from a single month to years of operation.


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