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The Linen People company is set to usher in a big change in Comprehensive Linen Management & Outsourced Laundry for Hospitality & Healthcare Industry in India. The Linen People are delighted to be involved in this compelling project.

We believe that the pedigree and expertise, coupled with the connections that the key players within The Linen People enjoy, provide a fabulous business opportunity which we have attempted to qualify and quantify within this profile.

Challenges faced by Hospitality & Healthcare sectors with Laundry Operations

Despite laundry being a non-core activity for businesses, in-house laundry or off-site outsourced laundry face the following issues :

Linen Rentals

Why Outsource Laundry to The Linen People?

The Linen People has set up the most modern laundry facility in Bengaluru with Imported Energy Efficient Washers & Dryers and High-End Automatic Flat Work Ironers with Folder reducing manual intervention to the least and enhancing hygienic output for a great guest experience in the hotels & hospitals. The state-of-the-art facility can process upto 10 Tons/day of Laundry with expansion. The facility has 100KLD Effluent Treatment Plant with 2 Stage Reverse Osmosis with 80% water recovery. The facility has Rain Water Harvestingto recharge the groundwater.

To cater to the above needs The Linen People intends to expand to State-Of-The-Art Barrier Washer Laundry at Harohalli Industrial Area, Kanakapura Road soon.

Linen Rentals
Linen Rentals

Healthcare Laundry Services

Linen Rentals

Laundry is the 3rd most outsourced service in Healthcare Facilities due to factors like:
  • Rising costs of operating a Laundry due to highly stringent disinfection & cleanliness standards.

  • Initial Capital investment and costly machine maintenance

  • Training and Retaining Skilled manpower

  • Linen quality maintenance

  • Higher Patient traffic with higher health insurance penetration

  • Cost of upgrading to latest efficient Equipment

  • Focus on providing Healthcare which is the core service

Key Drivers:
  • Acceptance of state-of-the-art technology driven laundry post COVID-19 era due to increased demand for control hygiene.

  • Validated washing in recommended environment conforming to NABH and ISO standards.

  • Validated microbial and particulate decontamination process.

  • All the Linen will be treated with Antimicrobial Laundry Additive which has active agents on the fabric constantly destroying bacteria & viruses ensuring long-lasting protection until next wash.

  • Antimicrobial Laundry Additive has been proven to kill 99% disease causing pathogens like bacteria and viruses including SARS-CoV-2 type virus. It is on the linen surfaces giving continuous killing action for multiple hours/days, this is the “Retentive Technology” which closes the Hygiene Gap.

  • Soon to be introduced is Barrier-Washer Technology to ensure proper handling of infected linen.

  • Processed clean hygienic linen packed in Fresh Bags & transported to prevent cross contamination.