The Linen People | A visit to World Laundry Industry Summit Forum 2019

The Linen People team goes to Shanghai

We visited World Laundry Industry Summit held at Shanghai, China. An international trade fair for textile laundry, leather care, cleaning technology and equipment in the month of Sep’19.

The first joint event TXCA & CLE 2019 organized by Texcare Asia, China Laundry Association (CLA) and the China Light Industry Machinery Association, as well as Messe Frankfurt (Shanghai) Co Ltd and Unifair Exhibition Service Co.

Our team were curious to know about

  1. Latest Technology Trends in the Laundry Industry.
  2. Learning about Industries Best Practices across the globe.
  3. Gain Insights into China's fast-growing Laundry and Dry Cleaning Industry

We realized that this was a must go event for anyone from the Laundry and Linen management business which covered products and services ranging from Laundry Machinery Systems, Chemicals and consumables, Energy savings and Environmental Protection, Leather care products, Digital & Intelligent solutions, Linen Rental Services and many more.

Highlights of the Summit

The highlights of the summit was the 11th edition Fringe competition, which showcased the latest technological developments in Laundry and Dyeing Industries. Seminar on Leather Care, and the Hotel Green Laundry Summit Forum which laid a strong emphasis on sustainability and incorporating the latest technology.

Industry leaders presented their products for modern textile care providing an excellent opportunity to gain insights into the latest laundry equipment and technology as the textile care industry is moving towards standardization of systems through automation and a focus on saving energy and resources.

With over 25,000 visitors from 21 countries, the fair was a treat for anyone from the textile care background to exchange ideas with industry experts about the current trends in the industry.

Our team was delighted and was welcomed with a warm response, when they visited few Laundry Plants, Stores across Shanghai to understand how the linen are dry cleaned and supplied to thousands of stores across China.

The team interacted with various Chinese Laundry Professionals and exchanged all-round information to further strengthen the business and also discussed on how to take textile-care to hospitality, healthcare centers, hostels, manufacturing industries.

Key takeaways from the summit

  1. The demand for Laundry Products and Services is growing due to increased awareness of a healthy and hygienic lifestyle of a consumer.
  2. Reducing Water and Energy Costs will be the key to sustainability.
  3. The growth of the Internet of Things (IoT) and the advancements in production automation has increased the usage of RFID Systems as an end-to-end solution.
  4. Training & Professional Development for Laundry Managers is a must as Maintaining Linen is not ab easy task.
  5. In the last decade, Hotels have been shifting towards OutSourced Laundries at a rapid pace as the costs of maintaining an Inhouse Laundry is atleast 40-50% more expensive.

Gaining such wonderful insights regarding modern laundry and textile-care from the summit, The Linen People team has strengthened its vision to provide world-class services to its customers.

Glimpses from World Laundry Industry Summit